This is trawa

At trawa, we empower companies to switch to green electricity using our cutting-edge solution. Our products help businesses decarbonise one of their biggest emission drivers - electricity consumption - and join a growing circle of best-in-class enterprises committed to sustainability, without compromising on cost and security.

Our mission

We're doing the unthinkable: We empower businesses of all sizes to procure electricity both professionally and sustainably. Our proprietary technology provides access to renewable electricity plants and integrates into companies' operations to benefit from untapped potential.

Our values

Climate first
We view green energy as one of the cornerstones for industrialisation, and believe that, if implemented correctly, renewable electricity is compatible with cost savings, making it accessible to all businesses.
By aligning our proprietary predictive models and integrations with our customers' operational processes, we enable businesses to make informed decisions regarding their electricity consumption and procurement.
We uncover what's been hidden behind a veil of complexity and false sustainability promises in the electricity market. No complex clauses and no hidden or misaligned incentives - we are your partner and optimise for you.