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Electricity markets have become volatile
and tough to manage

Are you paying too much?
Recent developments on the energy markets have shown that prices can increase dramatically in no time. Today’s electricity prices are expected to stay two to three times above 2021 levels until 2040.
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Is your electricity truly green?
Many green electricity providers offer CO2 certificates that track already-produced sources and don't necessarily have tangible environmental benefits, leaving businesses with a false sense of contributions.

What we do

We help your company procure electricity like best-in-class
large enterprises. This is how we do it.
Analyse consumption, spend and impact
Identify optimal strategy using data science & AI
Procure green energy product mix
Deliver products & faciliate payments
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We solve your energy procurement challenges

Save money

Reduce your long-term average price significantly
Protect yourself against electricity price increases long term
Learn how to benefit from intra-day price volatility

Reduce your CO2 footprint

Achieve up to 100% truly renewable electricity
Get real-time transparency on your electricity origin
Consume electricity from regional solar and wind parks

Our values

Climate first
We view green energy as one of the cornerstones for industrialisation, and believe that, if implemented correctly, renewable electricity is compatible with cost savings, making it accessible to all businesses.
By aligning our proprietary predictive models and integrations with our customers' operational processes, we enable businesses to make informed decisions regarding their electricity consumption and procurement.
We uncover what's been hidden behind a veil of complexity and false sustainability promises in the electricity market. No complex clauses and no hidden or misaligned incentives - we are your partner and optimise for you.
Our technology
trawa facilitates cost savings and decarbonisation without consuming valuable resources. Our proprietary algorithms coupled with advanced modelling technology make it easy to access the same quality of expertise as large corporations – all while allowing you to focus on what matters most: your business success.
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Wind turbines
Our mission to bring professional renewable electricity procurement to companies relies on collaboration - we can't do it alone. We're teaming up with the industry's most respected players, so if you're interested in enabling the mass adoption of renewable energy by businesses, let's discuss.
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